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Big studio know-how, home studio budget

A purpose-built home studio in an acoustically treated basement. Capable of producing radio-ready material at a very affordable price point.

Take the pressure off in a comfortable, affordable home studio, allowing you to go for as many takes as you need to nail it.

Whether it's your first try recording yourself singing over a backing track, or you want to make your own songs a reality, David has the tools and experience to make it happen.


David has a Master's degree in Creative Sound and Media Technology from Bath Spa, passed with Merit.


Examples of work

Wildersonne - All music written, recorded and mixed entirely in this studio

My guitar pupil, Nick, playing guitar and singing, to which we added a live string quartet arrangement and backing vocals. Mixed in this studio.

Tom singing Rockin' All Over the World over a downloaded backing track.

Tom and his grandson George singing a duet of Greatest Showman's Million Dreams. 


Equipment includes:

  • Dedicated SPL valve/solid-state hybrid mic preamps

  • A selection of microphones including large and small diaphragm condensers, ribbon, and dynamic

  • Neumann professional-grade studio monitors

  • Reaper digital audio workstation on 'silent-cooled' PC tower with a wide range of VST plugins

  • Wireless headphones and flexible acoustic isolation for the performer 

Instruments available to record include:

  • A selection of guitars, guitar amplifiers and effects pedals

  • Bass

  • Electronic drum kit

  • Full-size digital piano

  • Various percussion instruments including LP Classic congas


Recording is charged at £32/hr. This includes David engineering the session and even acting as a producer or laying down additional instrument parts.  David can then mix and produce to make your idea or performance shine.

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