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guitar tutor and songwriter in a home studio.


About me

David grew up in Kent, achieved a 1st class BSc in Psychology at the University of Warwick and MMus Master's degree in Music before moving to Cheltenham to start teaching as a self-employed music teacher. 

He has always had a passion for music, starting to learn the piano aged 5 and the guitar aged 12. He fronted local rock bands whilst at school at university, writing and performing original material and even early on dabbling with basic recordings on a laptop. He has also performed in a function band.

Teaching his first guitar lessons at the age of 17, since then he has spent all of his professional life teaching, from private and peripatetic guitar lessons to Brazilian percussion under the name of his own business, Olá Samba.

David continues to develop his musicality through his own songwriting, under the alias of Wildersonne.

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